Monday, February 9, 2009

You Might be a Millennial if… (Continued 3)

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, I couldn’t resist trying for a bit of humor to brighten your day.

To catch up on the background, read “The Millennials are Coming…”. You will quickly understand that we in business are facing a new generation of workers who come from a world that is alien to businesses today.

You might be a millennial if…

1. You recently applied for the job of company Personnel Manager, since you assume it’s nearly the same as “personal Manager”, the job you always wanted with Paris Hilton.

2. When asked about your international experience, you mention that you just returned from a week in Hawaii with your new girlfriend.

3. Your biggest long-term planning concern is figuring out who will cook for you when your parents move in to assisted living.

4. Your best business ideas come to you while “lurking” social networking websites.

5. Your new boss is so hot, that when she mentioned the job comes with “benefits,” you signed on immediately.

6. You quit your job at Google because the Virtual Corporation formed by your geek-friends made you a better offer.

7. You offered to be the official photographer at the company picnic, using your cell phone camera.

8. You are amazed at the company policy requiring reimbursement of personal long-distance charges, since you thought there was now a law providing unlimited minutes to everyone.

9. You are not happy with the vibes at this company, so you have your mom calling around to other companies looking for a new gig.

10. You take real pride in the top item on your resume - in the Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 video game you were able to score 3,600,000 in a two minute run with no cheats.

You also might be a millennial if all these points strike you as intuitively obvious. See more of these published previously. This is so much fun that I might make it a regular offering, if you help me out with some new points. I’ve always believed that there are serious messages that we can learn from every bit of humor.

Marty Zwilling


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