Monday, February 16, 2009

You Might be a Millennial if… (Continued 4)

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, I couldn’t resist trying for a bit of humor to brighten your day.To catch up on the background, read “The Millennials are Coming…”. You will quickly understand that we in business are facing a new generation of workers who come from a world that is alien to businesses today.

You might be a millennial if…

1. You haven’t been able to take any customers out to lunch since the calculator function on your cell phone quit working.

2. You blame the computer spell check function for embarrassing you on a recent quick email to the boss - "How many pubic holidays do we get this year?"

3. When you heard the CEO talking about using an executive search firm to get quality candidates, you pulled a list of several hundred from

4. You assured your team that you had grown up with the internet and could truly grok the project documentation in a week.

5. You have decorated your cubicle like your old dorm room, and packed in some pajamas for those planned late night collaborative sessions.

6. You learned the power of HTML back in the old days while customizing your MySpace home page.

7. You have only been with the company a month, but you are feel entitled to a shot at that Vice President position which just opened up.

8. You don’t wait for dress-down Fridays to wear your Nike Dunks and ride your skateboard to work.

9. You can’t remember a time when you could understand the words in a new song, without first having to look them up on the Internet.

10. All your friends have at least one body piercing or tattoo, so you never thought twice about asking your boss to show you hers.

You also might be a millennial if all these points strike you as intuitively obvious. See more of these
published previously. This is so much fun that I might make it a regular offering, if you help me out with some new points. I’ve always believed that there are serious messages that we can learn from every bit of humor.

Marty Zwilling


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