Saturday, September 3, 2022

10 Ways To Move From “Thinking Different” To Success

thinking-differentlyEvery culture and community puts pressure on its members to follow the norms. Even young people who start out wanting to be different are called “freaks,” and most are slowly bent back into the norm by the time they “grow up.” Maybe that’s why so many entrepreneurs struggle with building a disruptive new business, where breaks from the norm are the key to success.

I suspect that there are really a lot of “grown-up closet freaks” out there who could be great entrepreneurs. We should really be enticing them to overcome their fears of thinking differently. Chris Brogan, in his classic book, “The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth,” offers some great steps of encouragement for them on how to come out of the closet, some of which I will paraphrase here:

  1. Declare your differences (even if only to yourself). Get comfortable with your difference in thinking, and commit to run your business your way. You will be the best entrepreneur when you make your new startup personal, and keep your heart in mind along the way.

  1. Define the parameters of your own success. Whatever will make your success yours, list it out on paper on in your favorite note-taking software. Try to list a success criteria for each role that’s important in your life and for your success. Know your strengths, and learn some new skills. Start working on your weaknesses.

  1. Establish a daily framework for action. You will build discipline and get much more accomplished if you build a self-imposed schedule, and commit yourself to following that framework. This will lead to you defining your path, knowing what matters most to where you are at this moment, and facilitate planning where you are going next.

  1. Get comfortable with not knowing. Learn to be okay with the unknown, and learn how to really appreciate what comes next in the universe. Don’t be afraid of being dumb; always be willing to ask questions. You should be afraid of being stupid; being stupid means that you think you know everything and don’t ever ask questions.

  1. Appreciate obstacles and challenges. One way to overcome obstacles is to set a new challenge for yourself every day. The more challenges you face daily, the stronger you will feel about doing more with your business and your life. Obstacles and challenges help you to grow your intestinal fortitude and your skill sets.

  1. Create work processes that get things done. Similar to the framework step, you have to build systems that get the right work done. For example, you might block your working day into half-hour segments, and never allow any activity or meeting to take too much of your time. Reserve time for tasks important to you, rather than just urgent to someone.

  1. Expand your communication media world. Start wherever you can to grow beyond the phone, texts, and email, to a blog, photos on Instagram /Pinterest, or YouTube. Build your world up a little at a time. This is a big benefit others won’t likely copy and it’s where you can get ahead.

  1. Connect with all the freaks like you. The more you communicate to find the people you seek to serve, the better your opportunities. Also connect with people you can help. Connect two people who might benefit from knowing each other. Do everything you can to extend your network, and keep it alive and well.

  1. Expect to encounter some bad times. Remember that you can hit bumps in the road at any time. Be ready. Know how and when to apologize. Be ready to assess what needs to get done when there are issues. Know whether or not you have to pull the plug. Keep your mind open to how your ideas might have to shift.

  1. Take action, any action. The biggest difference between you and other closet freaks, who will just accept what life and work brings them, is that you’ve chosen to take action. The big opportunity for you is to do something based on ideas you have had lingering in your mind for a long time. Where do you start? Anywhere.

My conclusion is that you don’t have to be a freak to be a good entrepreneur, but you do have to be willing to think differently, to get beyond the norms of business today, define a platform for real change, and make it happen. If you are a freak in your own mind, relish that thought, and take action to turn your passion into a successful new business. We need more of you!

Marty Zwilling



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